lundi 10 août 2009

Short track skaters begin Olympic quest

John Marchesan, CTV - August 10, 2009

[...] Tania Vicent of Laval, Quebec was first to secure a victory, in the women's 1,500m. Kalyna Roberge of St-Étienne-de-Lauzon, Quebec was originally credited with finishing second but was later disqualified and had to settle for sixth place. Amanda Overland and Valerie Maltais, both of Montreal, were second and third.
"Today was a really good day for me," said Vicent. "I made the two finals, which I'm really happy about. In the 1,500m final, I was patient, I was planning on making my move later than I actually did, but I knew at that point I had to, if I didn't want the girls to escape."

Roberge said she was perhaps "too focused" in the 1,500.

"I was looking at my objective, but nothing else," she said. "I felt stuck, I had to let go. After my race, I had to refocus. In the 500m, it was a new Kalyna on the line, I took that race like any Canadian Selection race, not like an Olympic one. I reminded myself it was the overall points that mattered, not just one race."
[...] Michael Gilday of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories took the honours in the 1,500 metre race. Guillaume Bastille of Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec was second followed by Olivier Jean of Lachenaie, Quebec.

"My 1500m race was awesome, to go out and win off the bat is great," said Gilday. "It's my first win at a Canadian selection, so I was excited."

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