jeudi 20 août 2009

Olympic family draws strength from mother's love

All three Overland children, clockwise from left, Amanda, Cindy and Kevin became Olympians.

Mom's fight for life with cancer 'bringing out the best' in Olympian family
Aug 18, 2009 Randy Starkman - The Star

As Mom to three Olympians, she provided the soft side to Dad's fiery competitiveness. She thought nothing of bringing a homeless person in for a hot meal and a bed.

Now, Linda Penner has cancer and her children are seeing the steel they always knew was there, too.

They're having to show their mettle as well.

Amanda Overland, silver medallist at the Turin Olympics, is battling for a berth for the 2010 Winter Games right now in Vancouver. Her brother, Kevin Crockett, Olympic bronze medallist in 1998, coaches a Chinese skater who is among the favourites for gold in February. Their sister Cindy, a former Olympian, is their mom's primary caregiver.
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