mardi 25 août 2009

My lifelong Olympic dream comes true

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August 25, 2009 - Jessica Gregg

I was hoping I'd have good news for this blog… and it turns out that I do!

We just finished our Olympic trials a couple days ago, and I am relieved and excited to say that I officially made the short track team for the Vancouver Olympics in 2010.
Bittersweet day

My best distance is the 500 metres, so I was very focused and determined to win that distance. We had three finals for every distance spread out over the competition so I knew I had to keep my motivation up the whole time.

The first 500 final was an exciting one. I got out in the lead, but with a couple of laps to go Kalyna Roberge passed me on the inside. I passed her back right away, but she came back and got me on the inside to get first place, and I finished a close second. I was happy with the race, but I knew I had more in me.
The second and third 500-metre finals played out much the same way [...]

The day was kind of bittersweet, though, as two of my teammates from Calgary missed out on making the team by just fractions of a second. It’s hard to believe that in that short period of time, your dream can either come true or be changed. I was upset after watching my teammates' two races, but at the same time I needed to celebrate.
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