lundi 15 octobre 2007

N.W.T. speedskater Gilday zips to world record

CBC News - Canada/North - October 15, 2007
Yellowknife native Michael Gilday flew so quickly over the ice at Calgary's Olympic Oval Sunday that he broke a world record.
Gilday, 20, beat the 1,000-metre short-track record set three years ago, coming in with a time of 1:23:815, according to an entry on Speed Skating Canada's website.
That time is 0.859 seconds under the previous record time of 1:24:674 set by China's Jiajun Li in 2004 — a significant difference in the highly competitive world of short-track speedskating. more.

Hamelin, Gilday set short-track records
Terry Bell , CanWest News - October 15, 2007
How good are Canada's short-track speedskaters? more

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