jeudi 18 octobre 2007

Coupe du monde "Samsung" ISU #1 - Harbin-Chine

Short track World Cup to kick off speed skating new season in China
People's Daily Online

Samsung ISU World Cup Short Track - Harbin (CHN) - 18 oct 2007
It will be the first time that video of all Short Track World Cup events will be available free of charge. This season viewers can watch the Samsung ISU World Cup Short Track series via a delayed broadcast stream link from the front page of ISU’s institutional site (on the site shortly after the event). Highlights of semi finals and finals will also be available. Based on the popularity of preliminary video streaming last season, the ISU expects several hundreds of thousands of spectators to keep up with the 2007/2008 action in this way.
Pour les résultats : CyberScoreboard

Les distances de nos Canadiens :
Charles- 1500, 500
Flou- 1000, 500
Steve- 1000, 1500
Mathieu- 1500, 1500
Marc-Andrée - 1000, 1500
Alex- 1500, 500

Kaly- 1500, 500
Anne- 1500, 500
Tania- 1000, 1500
Amanda- 1000, 1500
Andréa- 1000, 1500
Jessica- 1500, 500

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