dimanche 2 mars 2008

Last day of competition in Harbin, China

Another good day at the races here in Harbin, with some pretty wild stuff in a couple of the men's races.
1. Hui Zhang
2. Linlin Sun
3. Xin Ma
4. Marie-Andrée Mendès-Campeau
Marie skated well to get to the final, finishing 3rd in her semi but going through on time (1+2). She had a couple of bad slips though mid-race that took her out of contention.

6. Valerie Maltais (3rd in the other semi)
9. Marianne St-Gelais (quarters, just missed the semis on time)
12. Gabrielle Waddell
13. Nita Avrith
Val missed the cash bonus for fastest time by 0.009 (1:33.873). She skated a great quarter, leading the whole race. Jess Hewitt made the B group final in the morning but was DQ'd. Not the best weekend for her - 3x dq.

The girls finished 2nd in a close relay with a team from Beijing featuring Linlin Sun. The lineup was: St-Gelais, Maltais, Waddell, Avrith.

1. Remi Beaulieu
2. Michael Gilday
3. Guillaume Bastille
Quite a tame race compared to some of the earlier ones. Michael's semi was a classic and he fought hard against 3 Chinese skaters who were talking openly during the race. He wasn't the only skater this weekend who was nearly rubbed out along the boards exiting the turns while going by on the outside. Some pretty extreme stuff... Michael (and Michael Friesen) grabbed the cash bonus in their heat (1:28.090)

6. Michael Friesen
9. Alex Boisvert-Lacroix
14. Richard Shoebridge
16. Liam McFarlane
17. Tyler Derraugh (won B group in the morning)
28. Corey Rasmussen -dq in heat

The oval men (Friesen. Derraugh, Van Drecht, Miller) looked like they were in for the win in the relay final but a fall with 8 to go dashed their hopes.
Next competition on Fri-Sat.

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