vendredi 7 mars 2008

China - Résultats du 1500m et du 500m - Chine

L'Équipe de développemnt est toujours en Chine pour une 2e semaine de compétition. Voici les résultats.
Women 500 Final A
4 Chinese

Jess Hewitt - 4th in semi
Marie-Andree Mendès-Campeau - 4th in semi
Nita Avrith 3rd in qfinal
Marianne St-Gelais out in heat, asleep at the finishline.

500m - Men Final A
1. Corey Rasmussen
2. Michael Gilday
3. Guillaume Bastille
4. Liam McFarlane

Alex Boisvert-Lacroix out in the heat, lots of cross-tracking and team skating in front of him - 500m in 9.5
Remi Beaulieu was taken out while passing on the inside in his heat. He has a bruise on his knee and is finished for the weekend.

1500m - Women Final A
1. Qichao Zhao
2. Mile Zhu
3. Nita Avrith
4. Jessica Hewitt
5. Cuijia Liu
6. Marianne St-Gelais
7. Linlin Sun

1500m - Men Final A
1. Michael Gilday
2. Guillaume Bastille
3. Chn
4. Chn
5. Chn
6. Remi Beaulieu
7. Chn

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