dimanche 11 avril 2010

Delay of National Team Trials Stirs Controversy

By Yi Whan-woo - Korea Times Intern

Some short-track skaters and coaches strongly opposed the Korea Skating Union's (KSU) decision Sunday to postpone the national team trials scheduled for April 23 and 24 until September.
``Delaying the tryout until September is frustrating for the athletes like me whom have trained for a year for this month's trials," said Ahn Hyun-soo, the triple-gold medalist at the 2006 Torino Olympics, whose father publically stated that Ahn had been barred from participating in the Vancouver Olympics several times.
The Union has rebutted the argument saying, ``The decision has nothing to do with favoritism or the elimination of specific athletes. It is regrettable that every issue in short-track skating is perceived as a plot.''

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