samedi 14 novembre 2009

Canada's short trackers earn 2010 berths at 1,000m

Canada will be able to enter three women and at least two men in the 1,000-metre short-track speedskating event at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics after a successful second day Friday at a World Cup stop in Marquette, Mich.

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images
"The girls all had very strong races,'' said team leader Yves Hamelin. "Tania was just as solid as (Thursday), she led most of her races with a good pace. Kalyna was herself, taking control of the main part of her races. Jessica was always well positioned, showed great intensity in her races and responded well when people tried to pass her.''
Jean rate la cible
Les malheurs d'Olivier Jean frappent de plein fouet la délégation canadienne. Seulement deux unifoliés pourront donc prendre le départ de l'épreuve en Colombie-Britannique
« Olivier connaissait une bonne journée, il n'avait pas été menacé encore dans ses courses, a lancé Yves Hamelin, directeur du programme national. Sa dernière vague était plus relevée, il aurait pu être un peu plus patient avant de tenter un dépassement. Il était solide et clairement capable de se classer parmi les deux premiers. »
Hamelin leads the 1000m qualifiers in Marquette with Ohno in second
The 25-year old scooped double gold at the world cup event in Montreal last weekend and looked in equally dominant form in America as he romped through the three qualifying races to book his place in Sunday's heats.

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