dimanche 20 septembre 2009

L'argent pour Charles Hamelin

Simon Drouin - La Presse 20 septembre 2009
Charles Hamelin a sauvé l'honneur des hommes, dimanche, remportant une première médaille individuelle masculine pour le Canada à la Coupe du monde de patinage de vitesse courte piste de Pékin.

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Triple medal day for Canada at World Cup
CTVOlympics.ca By John Marchesan, September 20, 2009
"I had to do two inside passes and one outside during the race," said Charles Hamelin. "Near the end, I passed my brother on the inside, he was second and I was third. I then tried to plan a move on the Korean in the last lap, but I lost my balance a bit in the last corner so I couldn't fight for the finish."

The Hamelin brothers did team up to lead Canada to a third place finish in the relay
"We would have liked to win the silver," said Hamelin. "There was a lot of action, a lot of passes, many touches too, we were second at the end, but China passed us in the last corner, so it's a bit disappointing, but overall it was a good race."
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