mardi 7 juillet 2009

Denton speedskater's Olympic dream lives on

By KATE HAIROPOULOS / The Dallas Morning News - July 6th
The moment Jordan Malone's dreams of the 2006 Turin Games died, after he'd skated at the U.S. Olympic short-track speedskating trials on a broken right ankle, he headed straight for his No. 1 teammate in the stands.

The Denton kid wrapped his mother, Peggy Aitken, in an embrace. Nothing had to be said. This was already clear:
This won't be the end.
Jae Su Chun, the national short-track coach, predicts Malone, 25, will "make the podium" in Canada.

A 5-6, 140-pound double-shot of 5-Hour Energy, Malone doesn't have the soul patch or five Olympic medals that have made U.S. teammate Apolo Anton Ohno famous. But after all kinds of crashes along the way, his resilience and spirit keep him moving forward.
Chun said Malone has a better chance to remain healthy because his ice technique has improved from earlier in his career, when he still had a lot of inline tendencies. Malone switched to ice only a year before the 2006 Olympics, surprising everyone with his rapid ascent to the national team and world medals.

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