mardi 5 mai 2009

Athletes from across country feel common bond

Team unity at historic high as Canadians work toward goal of finishing first in Vancouver
JAMES CHRISTIE - Globe and Mail - May 5, 2009

VANCOUVER -- This time, short-track speed skater Olivier Jean says, the Canadian Olympic Committee bosses have it right - the Olympics is about the athletes. ...

Quebec-based athletes will probably account for most of the success of Canada's Olympic squad as it seeks to be the biggest medal-winner at the Games - but the comfort they feel as part of a national team, and not a splinter group, is a change Jean welcomes.

"I feel totally a part of this Canadian team," the dreadlocked Jean said. "I feel close to athletes from Calgary and B.C. I've never felt like that. They're trying to provide all the services and information in French and English, Nathalie Lambert is the chef de mission and Joey Juneau one of the assistants. The Excellence weekend made us feel like one team. It's not like before."
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