samedi 22 novembre 2008

Competing with Canada's best suits Shoebridge

'I'm out there because I love the sport'
Kristen Odland, Calgary Herald - November 19, 2008
The journey has taken Richard Shoebridge from South Africa to Calgary's Olympic Oval but, finally, the short-track speed skater finds himself competing on the World Cup circuit.

Disappointing results last season restricted him to competition at the national development team level but, after a qualifying race in September, the 23-year-old who was born and raised in Johannesburg and learned to skate at age six at an arena on the roof of a local casino is competing with Canada's best.

"I think it was an overall conclusion that I came to," said Shoebridge between laps at the Olympic Oval on Tuesday. "I'm not just out there to finish top 10 or top five, I'm out there because I love the sport.

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