dimanche 7 septembre 2008

Skater already has a Vancouver plan

Des nouvelles de Ryan -

Bay City Times -
Sunday, September 07, 2008

For years, Ryan Bedford has had his eyes on being a member of the U.S. Olympic Short Track men's speedskating team.

But now that the 21-year-old Midland skater has successfully dabbled in Long Track, his focus is on making both squads.[...]

''This summer I took the opportunity to change up my routine and give long track a shot,'' said Bedford. ''I am back and forth training with both teams.

''I plan on keeping my main focus on Short Track for the time being, but depending on how well Long Track goes, I just might focus more on that.'' [...]

'I'd heard from people that I would be good at long track over short track because of how tall I am and my endurance strength,'' said Bedford, who is ranked 10th in the World Short Track 1,500 meters. ''I started out wearing my short track skates.

Although switching blades of glory (from racing against other competitors in circles around a short track to racing on long track against the clock) is a difficult balance because there's not enough time to train for both speedskating sports, Bedford said he's got that 'feeling' that he can do it.

''I can switch back and forth from long track to short track with very little loss of 'feeling.' Some people have a hard time making the switch,'' he said.

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