samedi 13 septembre 2008

The ice is set at Pacific Coliseum

Ron Judd - Seattle Times - September 12th 2008
Looking for a pre-Games Winter Olympic fix? Tickets for the World Cup short-track speedskating event at Pacific Coliseum, Oct. 24-26, go on sale Saturday. Coliseum operators showed off the building's renovations -- chiefly, the changing of the ice sheet from NHL sized to international-sized, Thursday, saying the building's $20 million makeover will be complete well in advance of the October event, exptected to draw skaters from 25 nations.

We're still awaiting word on which U.S. skaters, such as Seattle's Apolo Ohno, might be competing. But it's likely much or most of the team will be there. The event is a week after the World Cup's first race, in Kearns, Utah.

The Pacific Coliseum ice, meanwhile, was declared fit by Canadian short track star Francois-Louis Tremblay of Montreal, who told the Vancouver Province that the surface, slow in a training camp in July, feels good now. (...)

Canadian skating officials say tickets for the short-track World Cup go on sale Saturday through (The Ticketmaster web site says they begin selling Oct. 13, but that would seem to be cutting it fairly close.) See the event web site here.

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