dimanche 10 février 2008

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Charles Hamelin skates in the men's 500m finals at the 2008 ISU world cup short track speed skating in Kearns, Utah February 9, 2008. Hamelin finished first in the race.REUTERS/George Frey

Hamelin en or!
Radio-Canada - 9 février 2008
Hamelin gagne l'or au 500 m
RDS - Charles Hamelin a été le seul Québécois à monter sur le podium [...] Chez les hommes, la seule autre performance digne de mention est la présence de trois athlètes au sommet de la finale B à l’épreuve du 1500 m. Marc-André Monette, avec un temps de 2 :10,932, François Hamelin (2 :11,140) et la recrue Guillaume Bastille (2 :11,185) ont terminé dans l’ordre.

Le Québécois Charles Hamelin gagne l'or dans une Coupe du monde
Presse Canadienne

Korea Continues Short Track Gold Rush
Kim Tong-hyung - The Korea Times - 10 février 2008

[...] In the men's 500-meter finals, Korea's Sung Si-bak came in at 41.226 seconds to earn the silver, finishing behind Canada's Charles Hamelin (41.205 seconds) in one of the tightest races of the event.

Short track speedskating: Ohno cut off at pass, places third in 1,500
Cody Brunner - The Salt Lake Tribune -
Sitting in third place on the final lap, [...] Ohno made his move and appeared to be in position to edge out Korea's Seung-Hoon Lee and Ho-Suk Lee for a gold medal. [...]But Ho-Suk Lee cut Ohno off on the final straightaway and the veteran pulled up to avoid a disqualification. Ohno had to settle on a third place finish [...] "I don't want to complain about the referee because that wouldn't do anything," said Jae Su Chun, who coaches Ohno. "That kind of move is a strategy that the Korean and Chinese use often."

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