vendredi 26 mars 2010

Strike of the Cobras

After a disappointing start, our short-track speed skaters used strategy, power and focus to win five medals
by Chris Sorensen, Jason Kirby and Ken Macqueen - March 25, 2010 - MACLEANS

Photograph by Yang Lei/ Zuma/ Keystone

It probably wasn’t the way Charles Hamelin envisioned redeeming himself at the Olympics—not exactly, anyway—but as he and his teammates know all too well, there is no such thing as a predictable outcome in short-track speed skating. Sure, Hamelin was ranked first in the world in the 500-m. And, yes, he was expected to get on the podium after disappointing performances in the 1,500-m and the 1,000-m races. But nobody could have guessed how the final few seconds of his first golden performance at the Games would transpire.
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