mercredi 10 mars 2010

Canada wins 5 medals in short-track

Vancouver Now - February 28, 2010
Charles Hamelin came to the Vancouver Olympics as Canada's golden boy of short-track speedskating.
Short track can stand tall with biggest day
Dan Barnes, Canwest Olympic Team - 27 février 2010

Two gold. One bronze. All man-made. Atta boys.
Jean was confident they would win
The Toronto Sun
With two teams on their tail and 5,000-metre relay gold on the line, Jean watched teammate Charles Hamelin take a mis-step, lose his stride, heard the swirling cauldron of pride at the Pacific Coliseum collectively hold its breath, then spotted the recovery and everything was right again in Canadian short-track speed skating.
“I knew he’d hang on,” Jean said with a grin. “He’s the fastest man in the world.”
“We slip all the time.”
And these guys bounce back when it’s needed most.

Speed-skating brothers miss medals


Canadian short-track speed skating star Charles Hamelin had the world record, the crowd and home-ice advantage on his side in the men’s 1,000 metre final Saturday.

But, ultimately, he didn’t have the legs.

Long faces in short-track

February 21, 2010 Dave Feschuk
Hamelin brothers blow lead in a five-man final and fail to medal as Canadian hopefuls are shut out

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