vendredi 3 juillet 2009

Short-track skater Olivier Jean ready to challenge for Olympic team spot

By Jim Morris - Canadian Press -
Other times, bad luck is a test of your will and determination. Short-track speedskater Olivier Jean was able to smile Thursday when talking about a failed salmon fishing trip he organized recently for the Canadian national team during a Vancouver training camp. All the 12 skaters had to show for it after a long day on the water was one fish that weighed under two kilograms.

"It was really disappointing," Jean said with a shake of his head.
Jean knows how luck, and fortune, can quickly turn. [...]
Derrick Campbell, the men's national team coach, said the determination and effort Jean showed last season will translate into more results this year.
"Last year, coming back, he was missing some shape," said Campbell. "Last year was a huge year for him because he was starting at a lower level.
"This year I think the big advantage is he has that year behind him where there is no setbacks. He's focused, he's able to build on what he was able to accomplish last year."
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