samedi 25 octobre 2008

Mucho news in Vancouver newspapers

Hamelin, Tremblay lead Canada in short-track
CBC Sports

"We all had good times in the first round," said François Hamelin. "We were all first on the start line, so it was the strategy that made sense: go out fast, make sure you stay there, so you don't need to risk passes."

Canada's Francois Hamelin leads Thibaut Fauconnet of France as they turn into the corner during their 500-metre heat. (Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images)

Speed skating: West set to break Quebec's short track dominance
Gary Kingston, Vancouver Sun October 25, 2008

For hard-core short track speed skating fans in Canada, the names we're about to rattle off are synonymous with international success. Even for Canadians who only care at Olympic time, they can bring a knowing nod.

Marianne St-Gelais #323 of Canada leads Katerina Novotna #334 of the Czech Republic as they turn into the corner during their 500m heat at the ISU World Cup Speed short track speed skating.
Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

Western wonders
For years, Canadian short track has been dominated by Quebecers. But with four Calgary-based athletes on the national team, and an increased focus on the sport pre-2010, there soon may be a new source of talent
Gary Kingston, Vancouver Sun - October 25, 2008
Jessica Hewitt of Kamloops finished second in a 1,000-metre preliminary race.
"The sport of short track, I don't know if it was necessarily born in Quebec, but it was definitely one of the beginning hot spots where it was developed," says Michael Gilday.
Gilday, in his second year on the national team, was born in Iqaluit, Nunavut, grew up in Yellowknife, and currently trains in Calgary. So he's about as far from a Quebecer as you can get, even if he is bilingual, thanks to years in French immersion.¨[...]
"They're battling not only to get onto the circuit, but to get out of that sort of feeling that the sport's dominated by athletes from the East," said Cavar. "It's a sheer numbers game. There are a few athletes up against many. But they feel like 'we are capable, we can do anything that we have to out in the West in order to be on the top of the podium and make the team at the Olympics.''
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Hewitt displays heart
22-year-old moves past DQ at World Cup event in B.C.
Gary Kingston, Canwest News Service - October 25, 2008

Jessica Hewitt's bold late-race gamble didn't pay off Friday, but the ISU World Cup short-track speedskating rookie from Kamloops, B.C., wasn't fretting her disqualification.

In her mind, it was like getting a merit badge for trying.
"The problem was, I hesitated," said Hewitt. "The girl in front of me slipped and I had my speed built up. I went for second and at the last moment, I saw first open. I was kind of questioning whether I should or shouldn't go. But when you're questioning it, by that time it's too late."
Canadians on track in Vancouver
MATTHEW SEKERES - October 25, 2008

The well-worn Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver's east end is a far cry from suburban Montreal, but for Canada's first family of short-track speed skating, it is beginning to feel like home. The Hamelins of Sainte-Julie, Que. - father Yves, the top short-track official for Speed Skating Canada, and sons Charles and François, both Olympic hopefuls - first came here in July, and will be frequent visitors between now and the 2010 Winter Games. More »»»

Six Canadians qualify for 500-metre quarters at short-track World Cup event
Canadian Press - October 25
"We all had good times in the first round," said Charles Hamelin. "We were all first on the start line, so it was the strategy that made sense: go out fast, make sure you stay there, so you don't need to risk passes."

vendredi 24 octobre 2008

Résultats des courses de qualification

1000m(2) Dames
Marie-Andrée passera au repêchage et Anne en quart de finale. 3 Coréennes, 3 États-Uniennes et 3 Chinoises y seront d'office.
Jessica Hewitt-DQ.

1000m(2) Hommes
Rémi et Gilday passent en quart accompagnés de 2 Coréens, 2 Chinois et 3 États-Uniens.
Charles, DQ en préliminiare n'amassera pas 2 médailles à cette Coupe du monde.

500m Dames

Nos 3 Canadiennes (Marianne, Jess Gregg et Anne) passent les 2 premières rondes et elles sont imitées par les 3 Coréennes et les 3 Chinoises. Aucune des États-Unis qui devront aller en repêchage.

500m Hommes

Olivier, François-Louis et Frank font de même chez les hommes. Les Coréens (3) et les voisins d'en bas (3 dont Travis ont aussi accédé directement aux quarts de finale.

1500m Dames

Valérie Maltais et Jessica Hewitt franchissent la ronde préliminaire pour se rendre directement en demi-finale tandis que Marie Andrée ira en repêchage demain au 1500m.
3 Coréennes, 2 États-Uniennes et 3 Chinoises s'envolent aussi en demi-finales.

1500m Hommes
Rémi et Olivier n'ont pas de problème à se rendre en demi-finale du 1500m et seront accompagnés des 3 Coréens. 3 États-Uniens et de 2 Chinois; Michael Gilday devra passer par le repêchage.
Nic Bean (ITA), DQ au 1500m.

1000m(1) Dames
Un triplé chez les Coréennes, Chinoises et États-Uniennes qui franchissent cette ronde facilement pour prendre part aux quarts de finale sur cette distance. Seule Marianne a pu réussir à se classer.
Anne Maltais
et Jessica Gregg devront prendre part au repêchage.

Photo Reuters - Canada's Jessica Gregg (R) leads Italy's Arianna Fontana during the ISU World Cup short track speed skating qualifying in Vancouver, British Columbia October 24, 2008.

1000m(1) Hommes

Les 3 Canadiens, Charles, Frank et Flou s'envolent en quart de finale avec 3 Chinois, 3 États-Uniens et 2 Coréens.
Tyson Hung (GER) ira en repêchage

Ça se poursuit...

jeudi 23 octobre 2008

Coupe du monde ISU Vancouver 2008

Site officiel avec galerie photos de Jeff Bough a visiter.

Horaire de la compétition. Heure du Pacifique

Le vendredi 24 octobre 2008 :
8 h 45, journée de qualifications: 1500 m & 1000 m (1)14:00, journée de qualifications: 500 m, 1000 m (2),relais 3000 m & relais 5000 m

Le samedi 25 octobre 2008 :
8 h 05, repêchage: 1000 m (1) & 1500 m14 h 00, Finales : 1000 m (1) & 1500 mSemi-finales : Relais 3000 m & 5000 m

Le dimanche 26 octobre 2008:
8 h 05, repêchage: 500 m & 1000 m (2)14 h 00, Finales : 500 m, 1000 m (2) & relais 3000 m & 5000 m

mercredi 22 octobre 2008

Dans les journaux - Coupe du monde - Vancouver 2008

'Anything can happen' in short-track
Bob Makin - 24 HOURS
"My mom's working the meet," Hewitt said with anticipation. "I have a couple grandmas, aunts and uncles and a bunch of friends coming."

World Cup speed-skating race about more than athletics
Samsung ISU World Cup will prepare staff, volunteers and others for 2010 Vancouver-Whistler Games
Darah Hansen, Vancouver Sun October 24, 2008
"It's a big event for us," Tim Gayda, Vanoc's vice-president of sport, said in an interview Wednesday.
"We've all been working and planning, but it's really the crunch time when you get into an event."

Successful speed skaters master art of deception
World's best combine physical strength with a cat-and-mouse game
Gary Kingston, Vancouver Sun October 24, 2008
They call it speed skating for a reason. Long track sprinters have been clocked at 50 kilometres an hour.
Even on the tight-cornered, 111-metre oval of the short track arena, skaters routinely hit 40 kilometres an hour.

Apolo Anton Ohno (right) of the U.S. trains with team mates while preparing for the ISU World Cup short track speed skating at the Pacific Coliseum.
Andy Clark/Reuters

"When she was 18, she went to her first World Cup," Randy Gregg said Tuesday, from his sports medicine clinic in Edmonton, "and before she left, I said, 'Jess, what would happen if you were on the line against Meng Wang, the world champion and Olympic gold medalist?' And she looked up and said, 'Well, I'm going to try to beat her.' And she did end up on the line against Meng Wang and [Canada's] Kalyna Roberge and won a bronze medal. Lu sur

Short track brigade has a message
Pacific Coliseum, site of 2010 Olympics, is Canadian team's territory
Terry Bell, The Province October 23, 2008
Why wait until 2010?

Canada's short track speed skating team wants to give the world a message at the Samsung ISU World Cup this weekend: The Pacific Coliseum, home of the 2010 Olympic short track event, is their turf.

"It's the third time we've been here, and it's like it's our ice," Charles Hamelin, a nine-time visitor to the World Cup podium last season, said Wednesday.
Speedskaters have yet to warm up to Pacific Coliseum's ice
Cam Cole, Vancouver Sun - October 23, 2008

"I think the facility's . . . pretty good," said Jessica Hewitt of Kamloops, the lone B.C. athlete on the Canadian squad that will compete in this weekend's Samsung ISU World Cup, beginning Friday morning. "We were here at the training camp in July and the ice wasn't the best, but it seems to be getting better. And the place has been cleaned up quite a bit, so I think it will be a good place to call home."

Racer from Yellowknife looks to make his mark
Marc Weber, The Province - October 23, 2008
Canadian short track speed skater Michael Gilday is hoping to stand out on the ice as much as he does in his team's media guide.

"I get phenomenal support in Yellowknife and across the Territories and I'm grateful for that," said Gilday, who was born in Iqaluit (now the capital of Nunavut) but moved to Yellowknife at age two. "The government has a great program for amateur-athlete support and I'm really proud to be representing the NWT as well as Canada."

Korean speedskaters a happy family
Team coming off 13 medals at world cup
Gary Kingston, Vancouver Sun October 23, 2008
VANCOUVER - South Korean speedskating coach Jae-Mok Jeon, whose English seems good enough not to require the help of a translator, grins and turns to the earnest woman in front of him.

"In Korea, the way they train, it's more like figure skating here or tennis," said Olivier Jean. "They have private coaches. Parents pay a lot of money, and coaches for athletes at a young age are better than us in Canada, where we skate in clubs and it's more for fun.

Volunteers warm up for 2010 duties
John Colebourn, The Province - October 23, 2008
Like some of the international athletes now in Vancouver, Mykle Ludvigsen is a little nervous about this weekend's pre-Olympic short-track speed-skating competition at the Pacific Coliseum.

Speedskating icon Ohno aims to dance into 2010 GamesNo short track to catch speedskating South Koreans
By Vicki Michaelis, USA TODAY

"I'd like to be known as one of the greatest speedskaters who have ever skated, as an American. In short track, that's a very hard task, because our sport is volatile."

"I would say he's probably the best he's been," Guy Thibault, high-performance director for US Speedskating, says of Ohno. "And he needs to be."
Ohno returned to the ice full time last season after winning Dancing with the Stars in 2007 and achieved a career first, an overall world title. He also won the 500-meter title at worlds.

"He's the most hard worker I've ever seen before, the most focused skater," says US Speedskating head short-track coach Jae Su Chun, who has coached South Korean and Canadian teams.

No short track to catch speedskating South Koreans
Cam Cole - Vancouver Sun - October 22, 2008
All the sports psychologists will tell you it's important to dream big dreams. Even if they're in Technicolour.
So never mind that South Korea's powerhouse short-track speedskating team won 10 medals to Canada's four at the 2006 Turin Olympics, including 6-0 in golds. Or that 21/2 years later, in last weekend's first Samsung ISU World Cup meet of the season at the Utah Olympic Oval near Salt Lake City, the count was South Korea 13 medals, Canada 6 ... and 6-0 in the gold column.

"What do you have to do between now and 2010 to reach Korea's level?" a reporter asks.
The skaters, the coaches, the team media attache all look vaguely insulted.
"No, but the numbers ...," the reporter begins anew.
They don't want to hear 'em. "We think we're there," says national team coach Derrick Campbell. "For us, our plan is to get stronger throughout the season and be ready for the world championships this year, which will simulate the Olympic Games timing. We really want to nail down that template this year so that next year we're just making small adjustments.

B.C. rookie on skating at home: 'It's been kind of crazy'
Gary Kingston, Vancouver October 22, 2008
There were no boards, padded or otherwise, or little red cones to round when speed skater Jessica Hewitt first started to slip, slide and glide across the ice.
When the temperatures dropped at her grandmother's cabin on remote Pavilion Lake -- "it's in between Cache Creek and Lillooet; not many people would know about it, but it's beautiful" -- mom or dad would lace up a pair of skates and off she'd go on the frozen body of water.
"Figure skates. I couldn't skate on hockey skates," she adds with a smile and a giggle. "I still kind of, like, tip over."

On s'entraîne au Coliseum de Vancouver pour la Coupe du Monde de ce week-end

Un site de photos et d'articles vraiment super: Daylife

Members of the Canadian short track speed skating team are reflected in the cleaned ice at the Coliseum in Vancouver, British Columbia October 22, 2008.

Rémi, Flou, Oli et Frank

Photos REUTER: Canada's Francois Louis-Tremblay (R) leads team mates Olivier Jean (C) and
Francois Hamelin
during training at the Colesium in Vancouver, British Columbia October 22, 2008. The team was preparing for the ISU World Cup short track speed skating which begins Friday. The Colesium will be the site for the short track speed skating and figure skating during the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

dimanche 19 octobre 2008

Samsung ISU World Cup 2008/2009, USA, UT. Salt Lake City - Ontario - October 20,2008
Hamelin wins another short-track medal
KEARNS, Utah - Charles Hamelin won his second medal of the weekend Sunday to lead a strong Canadian team to a five-medal performance at a short-track speedskating World Cup event.

Canada's Charles Hamelin, South Korea's Sung Si-bak and Canada's Francois-Louis Tremblay, left to right, stand on the podium after the men's 500 in the World Cup short track speed skating event Sunday, Oct. 19, 2008, at the Utah Olympic Oval in Kearns, Utah. Sung won, Hamelin took second, and Tremblay third. Photo by Douglas C. Pizac

SALT LAKE CITY - OCTOBER 19: Qiuhong Liu of China, Meng Wang of China and Jessica Gregg of Canada on the medals podium after the 500 meter final during the Samsung ISU World Cup Short Track at the Utah Olympic Oval October 19, 2008 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Photo by Douglas C. Pizac
Photo by Douglas C. Pizac - South Korea's Lee Ho-suk (183) waits for a push from teammate Lee Jung-su (184) as Canada's Francois-Louis Tremblay (124) gets a push from teammate Remi Beaulieu-Tinker (117) during the men's 5,000 relay World Cup short track speed skating final Sunday, Oct. 19, 2008, at the Utah Olympic Oval in Kearns, Utah. South Korea won and set a new world record. Canada took third.

The Salt Lake tribune - October 20, 2008

A day after a crash, he helps the American team salvage a decent World Cup showing
KEARNS - His skates were "destroyed" by his crash the previous day, and his coaches were up until the wee hours of the morning trying to fix them. They still didn't feel right when he needed them again, either. Yet Apolo Anton Ohno managed so well, you'd never have known.

"The relay was perfect," he said. "It was a great start to our season. . . . We definitely showed that we're right with the top group."

Deseret News - October 20, 2008
Ohno pleased with podium finishes

Ohno's final chance for an individual win came in the men's 1,500. After taking the lead earlier than he normally likes to, Ohno faded back a little to wait for the race to develop in front of him. But when Canada's Olivier Jean made a move, he placed his hand on Ohno's shoulder to create some space. That move earned Jean a DQ but also cost Ohno a lot of momentum and a gap opened between him and the leaders. Ohno was unable to recover from the situation in time and had to settle for third behind Korea's Lee Jung-Su and Lee Ho-Suk.
"I'm not worried about that right now," Ohno said. "We said this first meet was for us to learn where everyone else is and see how we can get better ... It's not how you start the season, it's how you finish it."
The World Cup season continues next week in Vancouver, Canada — site of the 2010 Olympic Games— and the U.S. is already looking forward to it.
"Just down in the dressing room, right after we finished the relay, we were already talking about how we can get better," Jayner said. "I think we're making progress already."
Ottawa Citizen - 20 octobre
Speed Skating. Five medals for Canada

RDS- 19 octobre

Hamelin et Tremblay sur le podium
[...] Hamelin a retrouvé sur le podium son compatriote François-Louis Tremblay, qui a ravi le bronze.
« Dans les circonstances, en plus que nous étions six patineurs en finale, j’ai le droit d’être satisfait, a commenté le Québécois. J’y suis allé avec ce que j’avais, mais je n’avais pas trop d’attentes. Par contre, après les quarts de finale, je pouvais voir que ça pouvait bien aller malgré la douleur », a ajouté le patineur qui a assuré qu’il sera complètement rétabli pour la prochaine Coupe du monde.
Radio-Canada - 19 occtobre 2008
Hamelin en remet

Bronze au relais chez les hommes et les dames

Men's relay A final
1. KOREA 6:38.486
2. UNITED STATES 6:39.019
3. CANADA 6:39.322
4. RUSSIA 6:49.121

Women's relay A final
1. CHINA 4:09.480
2. KOREA 4:09.930
3. CANADA 4:16.201
4. UNITED STATES 4:26.993

Final A 1500m(2) Men

1 LEE Jung-Su KOR 2:17.941
2 LEE Ho-Suk KOR 2:17.966
3 OHNO Apolo Anton USA 2:18.522
4 PARK Jin-Hwan KOR 2:19.010
5 CELSKI J.R. USA 2:19.234
6 ZAKHAROV Ruslan RUS 2:19.801
7 JEAN Olivier CAN 2:20.462

Valérie Maltais a pris le 1er rang au 1500m de la finale B, Marie-Andrée a sans doute manqué de souffle et pris le 6e rang. Jessica Hewitt s'est inclinée en semi; elle en avait des courses dans le jambes!
Rémi Beaulieu a terminé au 2e rang de la finale B suivi de Michael Gilday. Nicolas Bean de l'Italie, le 5e rang.

Au 500m, le bronze pour Jessica, l'argent pour Charles, le bronze pour Flou.

FINAL A Ladies 500m
1 WANG Meng CHN 43.125
2 LIU Qiuhong CHN 43.282
3 GREGG Jessica CAN 43.838

FINAL A Men 500m
(ils sont fous... partir à 6)
1 SUNG Si-Bak KOR 41.161
2 HAMELIN Charles CAN 41.220
3 TREMBLAY Francois-Louis CAN 41.296
4 FUJIMOTO Takahiro JPN 41.417
5 HAMELIN Francois CAN 42.184
6 FAUCONNET Thibaut FRA 42.238

Photo de Charles en quart de finale

Samsung ISU World Cup 2008/2009, USA, UT. Salt Lake City

SEMI 1 Ladies 1500m(2)
1 JUNG Eun-Ju KOR 2:20.052 QA
2 SUN LinLin CHN 2:20.151 QA
3 EVTEEVA Nina RUS 2:20.496 QB
4 DERRICK Kimberly USA 2:20.625 QB
5 HEWITT Jessica CAN 2:22.185
6 DARAZS Rozsa HUN 2:22.336

SEMI 2 Ladies 1500m(2)
1 SHIN Sae-Bom KOR 2:21.570 QA
2 REUTTER Katherine USA 2:21.694 QA
3 MALTAIS Valerie CAN 2:23.065 QB
4 ZHANG Hui CHN 2:23.489 QB
5 VAN DOORN Annita NED 2:50.509
6 BOUVIER Stephanie FRA 3:04.465
7 SAKASHITA Yasuko JPN 3:28.673

SEMI 3 Ladies 1500m(2)
1 ZHOU Yang CHN 2:20.305 QA
2 BAVER Allison USA 2:20.753 QA
3 WINDISCH Veronika AUT 2:21.056 QB
4 MENDES-CAMPEAU Marie-Andree CAN 2:30.982 QB
5 OZAWA Mika JPN 2:53.278

SEMI 1 Men 1500m(2)

1 OHNO Apolo Anton USA 2:14.660 QA
2 LEE Ho-Suk KOR 2:14.774 QA
4 BEAN Nicolas ITA 2:15.707 QB
5 ZAKHAROV Ruslan RUS 2:16.101 ADV

SEMI 2 Men 1500m(2)
1 LEE Jung-Su KOR 2:15.691 QA
2 CELSKI J.R. USA 2:15.757 QA
3 GILDAY Michael CAN 2:15.787 QB
4 CONFORTOLA Yuri ITA 2:15.919 QB
5 PRAUS Sebastian GER 2:16.095
6 TAKAMIDO Yuzo JPN 2:26.371

SEMI 3 Men 1500m(2)
1 JEAN Olivier CAN 2:14.138 QA
2 PARK Jin-Hwan KOR 2:14.181 QA
3 RODIGARI Nicola ITA 2:14.225 QB
4 SILOVS Haralds LAT 2:14.270 QB

SEMI A 500m Ladies
1 LIU Qiuhong CHN 43.672 QA
2 FU Tian Yu CHN 43.809 QA
3 FONTANA Arianna ITA 44.649 QB
4 BELOVA Ekaterina RUS 44.752 QB
5 NOVOTNA Katerina CZE 44.900

SEMI B 500m Ladies

1 WANG Meng CHN 43.222 QA
2 GREGG Jessica CAN 43.405 QA
3 BORODULINA Tatiana AUS 43.796 QB
4 YANG Shin-Young KOR 44.140 QB

Men SEMI A 500m
1 HAMELIN Charles CAN 41.266 QA
2 FUJIMOTO Takahiro JPN 41.529 QA
3 HAMELIN Francois CAN 41.855 ADV

Men Semi B 500m
1 SUNG Si-Bak KOR 41.217 QA
2 FAUCONNET Thibaut FRA 41.538 QA
3 TREMBLAY Francois-Louis CAN 41.905 ADV

Que vont-ils faire? Quand même pas une finale à 6!!!

Marianne St-Gelais
n'a pas réussi à passer par le repêchage au 500m et s'est arrêtée en quart de finale. Mackenzie Blackburn, un autre Canadien qui possède la double nationalité (il représente Chinese Taipei) est aussi en repêchage au 500m. On suivra... et il ne passe pas en s'arrêtant en semi (repêchage 500m). Hier, il a été disqualifié à la première ronde du repêchage du 1000m.
Jessica Hewitt remporte la finale A au repêchage sur 1500m(2). Bravo pour toutes ces courses en 2 jours!

from AP Photo by Douglas C. Pizac
Canada's Olivier Jean, center, tries to force his way in front of China's Lee Haonan, left, as United States' Jeff Simon (223) follows during the men's 1500m World Cup short track speed skating semi-final race Saturday, Oct. 18, 2008, at the Utah Olympic Oval in Kearns, Utah. Jean was disqualified.

Finale du 1500m(1) en photos (
by Douglas C. Pizac et Getty Images)

Médaille d'argent pour Hamelin

RDS - Dimanche 19 octobre 2008
À sa première Coupe du monde de la saison, le patineur de vitesse sur courte piste Charles Hamelin n’a pas raté son rendez-vous avec le podium, samedi, à Salt Lake City. L’athlète de Sainte-Julie a ravi l’argent au 1500 m.

« J’ai joué plus dans le peloton pendant la course pour me garder de l’énergie pour la fin, a raconté Hamelin au sujet de sa finale. J’étais en tête de la course avec six tours à faire, mais le Coréen m’a ensuite dépassé par l’extérieur à cinq tours de la fin. Je l’ai suivi, mais il restait peu de temps pour analyser la situation et après, c’était un petit peu trop tard pour que j’effectue un dépassement. »
Lire plus »»»

Hamelin argenté
Radio-Canada - 19 octobre 2008
La médaille d'argent donne un élan au patineur en ce début de saison.
« Je suis vraiment content de ma performance. Ça me permet d'être en confiance dès le début de la saison, car je sais déjà ce que je dois faire dans les prochaines courses », a poursuivi le Québécois.
World Cup Speedskating
Tony Jones - The Salt Lake Tribune 10/19/2008
KEARNS - This isn't the way Apolo Ohno envisioned starting the international short-track speedskating season.

Ohno falls in World Cup opener, Canada's Hamelin second in 1,500 metres

Canadian Press

Rough day on ice for Americans
Deseret News - October 19, 2008

La chute de Frank et Michael...

Canada's Michael Gilday and Francois Hamelin collide Saturday during the World Cup speedskating competition at the Utah Olympic Oval in Kearns. (Kristin Murphy, Deseret News)

Charles dans sa finale du 1500m(1)

Jeff Simon (22) skates in the men's 1,500 meter World Cup speedskating competition at the Utah Olympic Oval in Kearns on Saturday. Simon finished third in the competition. (Kristin Murphy, Deseret News)

Canada's Remi Beaulieu-Tinker skates during the World Cup speedskating competition at the Utah Olympic Oval in Kearns on Saturday. (Kristin Murphy, Deseret News)

Résultats après la première journée de la Coupe du Monde

Charles Hamelin remporte la première médaille pour le Canada à sa première compétition.

Final A 1000m Ladies
1 WANG Meng CHN 1:29.766
2 SHIN Sae-Bom KOR 1:29.959
3 DERRICK Kimberly USA 1:31.218
Jessica Hewitt, Anne Maltais et Jessica Gregg ont terminé en quart de finale.

Final B 1000m Men
1 LOBELLO Anthony USA 1:28.081
2 LI Ye CHN 1:28.169
3 HAMELIN Francois CAN 2:03.581
4 GILDAY Michael CAN 2:08.075

Final A 1000m Men

1 KWAK Yoon-Gy KOR 1:30.821
2 LEE Ho-Suk KOR 1:30.989
3 LEE Jung-Su KOR 1:32.009
4 OHNO Apolo Anton USA 2:06.556

Final B 1500m(1) Ladies

1 BORODULINA Tatiana AUS 2:25.089
2 MALTAIS Valerie CAN 2:25.198
3 NOVOTNA Katerina CZE 2:26.506
4 MAFFEI Cecilia ITA 2:27.170
5 ITO Ayuko JPN 2:52.098
6 MENDES-CAMPEAU Marie-Andree CAN 3:01.809

Final A 1500m(1) Ladies

1 3 ZHOU Yang CHN 2:21.445
2 JUNG Ba-Ra KOR 2:21.664
3 YANG Shin-Young KOR 2:22.647
4 BAVER Allison USA 2:22.658
5 SUN LinLin CHN 2:24.485

Final B 1500m(1) Men
2 HEUNG Tyson GER 2:17.711
3 GERTSIKOV Alexander RUS 2:17.875
4 PRAUS Sebastian GER 2:17.913
5 KIM Yong-Sung KOR 2:49.459

Olivier Jean a été disqualifié en semi.

Final A 1500m(1) men

1 SUNG Si-Bak KOR 2:18.204
2 HAMELIN Charles CAN 2:18.254
3 SIMON Jeff USA 2:18.434
4 SUI Bao Ku CHN 2:18.852
5 BEAN Nicolas ITA 2:19.158
6 JAYNER Travis USA 2:19.506
7 LEVEILLE Charles Ryan USA 2:25.726
À noter la participation de Nicolas Bean et de Travis Jayner à la finale du 1500m

Les Coréens dominent avec 7 médailles, dont 8 participants en finale.
Suivent les États-Uniens avec 2 médailles, dont 3 des leurs dans la finale masculine du 1500m(1). Ils ont réussi à placer 6 athlètes en finale et ont été présents dans chacune des finales.

Les Chinois viennent au 3e rang avec 2 médailles et 5 participations en finale.

Le Canada, 1 seule médaille et participation, mais plusieurs en final B: Marie-Andrée et Valérie - Rémi, François et Michael.